Playing Giant Chess in London

Chess is one of the oldest board games in human history (the first games trace back to India, around 500 A.D.). It is probably the most popular strategy game in the world, where the only thing you need is your ability, no matter how old or rich you are, or where you come from.

this picture show giant chess in london

It is simple: two minds playing one against the other, where everything can happen and nothing should be taken for granted as long as the opponent King is on the board. Until one of the two players goes checkmate, the game is open.

The rules are the same all around the world, but different craftsmanship created so many different kinds of chess boards. You can find them made of wood, marble, glass, alabaster, but also in a much more common (and less inspiring) plastic.

What You Need to Play Chess

You can play chess almost everywhere: at home, at the library (no need to talk in this game, remember?), on the train, at the park. Chess boards can have a pocket size, so you really can bring your favorite game with you everywhere you wish. Sometimes you do not even need physical chess boards, but you can dare your opponent digitally, using a computer or a smartphone, and a data connection.

Playing Chess in London, at the Park

London parks (like Hyde Park or Regent’s Park) are famous because they are the green heart of city life, because they are big, and because so many events happen in there, all year long.

this is an image showing playing chess

You can find people running, walking, having their dinner there, or simply taking a break from the big city noise and traffic. They sit on the grass and just unwind. Sometimes they play football, cards, or even chess.

Not Only London Famous Parks

London is the city where parks are everywhere, even if not all of them are as famous as Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. There is a special park, as a matter of fact, that usually is not in the “must-see” list of tourists: it is Holland Park.

Holland Park is in the  Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and you will not find in the bigger parks the magic you can feel here. With its 22 acres area, it brings a touch of green and romanticism thanks to its many trees and walkways, which lead to an Orangery surrounded by roses. Here you will find a zen corner, with a little cascade and a pond full of carps, in a perfect Japanese style.

In Holland Park, there is a corner with chess tables available for people to have a game. People here are very friendly and always willing to begin a game with a new opponent. No place for gambling or hustling here, this is a place chess is just a good way of spending time together.  

this is an image showing chess tables

Here you will also find a special board, where all the pieces are extra-large. You can play freely on it as on any normal chess board, with just a “little difference”: you will need both arms to move a bishop!