Playing Chess in Central Park, New York

this is an image showing playing chess in new york city

Chess: A Game for Everyone

Chess is one of the oldest games humanity has been playing along its history. Probably the first chess match took place in India around 6th century AD and, from there, this game spread all around the world.

Many people think chess is a game too difficult to play, or that it is too boring to be played by young people.

Guess what? They are wrong.

Everything is difficult when you are learning something new, but once you have done it, you can start enjoying it. You do not actually need to be a sort of genius to play chess, you just have to learn the basic rules and be ready to prove yourself. Soon chess will be fun!

Where to Play Chess

When we think about chess playing, we usually imagine 2 people sitting at a table, in a dimly lit room. But chess is a game you can play, literally, everywhere! It does not require a lot of space and it does not even need the players to be in the same room: thanks to the internet, the players can be in 2 different countries, but be playing at the same virtual chessboard.
What about bringing chess to the fresh air of a park then, where players living in the same city (or even tourists) can meet and play together?

Play and Meet New People in Central Park

In New York,  you can find one of the most famous city parks in the world: Central Park. Even if you have never been in New York, you will recognize so many corners and areas in this park because you have already seen them in films, tv series, and advertising. It is huge, with an area of almost 3,5 km2, and it is the place where New Yorkers who live in Manhattan run, ride, play sport, go to concerts, or simply relax.

this is an image showing play chess in new york city

Here, in Mid-Park (at 64th Street), you can find Chess & Checkers House, the place where you can play chess and other board games, enter tournaments, attend chess lectures and learn more about the world of chess. In this octagonal brick building you can play with a friend of yours, a peer, or a grandmaster at one of the 24 chess tables available both outside and inside the house. Here you can also borrow your chess game if you need one.

Chess & Checkers House: The place to be if you want to play chess.

this is an image of check and checkers house a good place to stay in new york city

The people you meet here play chess regularly, most of them daily. But do not worry if you are not a chess expert yet: you will also find beginners looking for opponents to improve their skills with. If you cannot find a suitable opponent, ask Chess & Checkers House staff to help you find one.

If you are older than 6 and with a bit of chess experience, once a year you can even attend important grandmasters’ lectures, learn new strategies and take part to special challenges where 30 participants challenge together, in a simultaneous match!